About Rickey

Rickey Booker Sr. moved from Oklahoma City to Dallas 25 years ago, starting his entrepreneurial journey. Creating his 1st business in the entertainment industry, managing entertainers, CKB Entertainment was known for classic hip hop music and the most memorable party atmospheres from Texas to Louisiana. CKB Entertainment was such a success for him; he decided to test out the waters in the custom car industry, completing many customized car projects for car lovers all over the US. He was presented with the opportunity to reconstruct and customize a car for well-known Pastor T.D. Jakes, Rickey's self-taught entrepreneur skills and relationships lead him to yet another successful business venture.

With the success of two companies within different industries, Rickey, known to many as Rick, accepted a bet from a business partner and took on the challenge of creating the well-known & addictive Breakfast Brothers menu. In 2017, The Breakfast Brothers brand was born, and Rick and his team have been making food that fills the soul ever since. Serving over 700 party goers every Friday & Saturday night, as Breakfast Brothers grew, they became a "must visit" attraction for customers traveling to and from the DFW area. Rick created a consistent tasty menu that satisfies the taste buds of customers all over the World. Since Breakfast Brothers' creation, customers have called the food "addictive" and shocking to their taste buds, waiting in long lines to get their fix.

For over 20 years, Rick has single-handedly managed to grow from a one-person show to managing hundreds of employees through his multiple businesses. Through his successful companies, he has provided opportunities and a positive work environment for his employees to grow and thrive. Rick grew up in the city known for the Black Wall Street; however, he has been a successful and faithful businessman living in the Dallas- Ft. Worth area, raising his children for many years. Rick has and will always be a trusted and respected entrepreneur in the DFW area because of his willingness to provide a satisfying brand for customers and a safe environment for his employees.